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Powering IoT
Redefining the need for wires.

After more than 100 years in development, wireless power has arrived. Nikola Labs is advancing practical applications of this revolutionary technology, enabling perpetually powered beacons, high performance sensors, long read range tags and a more robust internet of things (IoT).

How It Works

One or more transceivers (combination transmitter and receiver) are installed in a work environment, such as a warehouse or operating room. These devices boost the radio frequency (RF) activity in an area to a level that will supply consistent power to all wirelessly powered devices in that space.

Enabled devices in that workspace receive RF power and convert it into direct current (DC), which is used to power each device’s specific function as well as communication back to the transceiver. These devices can receive power at distances up to 30 feet (10 meters) and report a variety of data, including location, temperature, humidity and use/tampering, at ranges of up to 100 feet (30 meters).

Perpetually Powered

Uninterrupted operation and data from no/low maintenance networks

Long Range

Powers devices and tags as far as 30 feet

Totally Wireless

Networks completely free of physical connections

Data Rich

Enables greater functionality and more frequent reporting


Power and data together in one network