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Radio Frequency Harvesting
Turns wasted energy into new power.


Using a proprietary energy harvesting system, Nikola Labs technology safely and efficiently converts radio frequency (RF) signals – like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and LTE – into direct current (DC) power. The result is a clean, usable energy ideal for low-power wireless sensors. This energy will be crucial to powering the Internet of Things – our near future, where everyday objects will operate and communicate independently.

The first application of our system is an iPhone 6 case that harvests wasted RF energy transmitted by the phone itself. The self-harvesting case is just one step in a much greater revolution that Nikola Labs is leading, the wireless power revolution, which will define what it means to live and work in the 21st century. This first step is important as it proves that RF can, in certain situations, be recycled effectively for extra power.

RF to DC

Effortlessly convert radio frequency (RF) signals, like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and LTE, into DC power.

War of Waves

Self-harvesting is the first step in the wireless revolution, which will define the 21st century.