Q. How does your pricing work?

VERO pricing is based on a number of factors, but in all situation, our pricing starts with FREE! 

Free Trial: We believe in trying something before you buy it.  Because of that, we offer a 30-day free trial with no stipulations or money involved.  If you’re not 100% convinced at the end of the trial period, we’ll gladly remove the hardware and part company as friends.   

Quantity Breaks: We also offer quantity discounts for the number of units you choose to monitor.  We see the lowest end at 25 units, so we greatly incentivize to get you to that number.  All pricing includes installation, lifetime warranty, and software improvements.  There are no hidden costs or fees. 

Units not Sensors: Since we’re most concerned keeping your assets healthy, we price based on number of units/assets monitored, not number of sensors per unit.  So whether an asset takes 2 or 6 sensors, you pay one monthly charge.  Again, no nickel and diming!