Q. How involved do my IT people need to be and what do we need from them?

This will depend on your preference of internet connection. You will be able to decide whether you would like to connect to your internal WiFi or a cellular hotspot provided by Nikola Labs. If you chose to have Nikola Labs provide a cellular hotspot, there will be little or no involvement from your IT team needed. If Wifi is chosen, your IT team will need to allow our devices to connect to your network and pass data to our cloud application.

Since VERO is a browser-based, cloud-hosted application, there is little to do from an IT standpoint. Depending on the firewall rules in place, this may require no changes or may require a few simple rules to allow HTTPS access from authorized internal users to a couple of URLs. VERO also uses standard email messages to enroll a new user and to support password resets, but unless very strict email filters are in place, this usually requires no action, but may require the VERO email domain to be "white-listed".