Q. How is my data used?

Your data is used by you and the Nikola labs team to help you monitor your assets and make informed decisions. The data is fed directly to your customized VERO dashboard, where it is tracked over time to ensure that your asset performance is within the operating thresholds we helped you set on installation, and dial-in over time.  

If any of your assets exceed the set thresholds, the system will send alerts per your preferences – you decide: 

Who gets notified 

  • Any user within your account can get notifications per machine. For instance, if one part of your crew works on the West side of the facility and another works on the East, any administrators can setup a notification only for the East or the West group.  

Why and when they're notified 

  • Users are notified only when a sensor reports a value exceeding a given threshold 

How they're notified 

  • Users are notified either by the email associated with their account or by SMS* messages tied to the number within the account (*standard rates may apply). 

How and when alerts are escalated 

  • Vero is equipped with a time, set by an administrator, to escalated notifications. The escalation group can be the same or different than the initial notification group.