The Future of Medicine

In the coming decade, tiny medical implants will provide early detection of diseases, pain relief and a myriad of other health benefits. These devices must operate for many years to ensure that diseases do not rob us of life or quality life. To work for long spans, power is needed but nobody wants to plug themselves into an outlet. A better solution is wireless power that will charge implants in situ. Nikola Labs wireless power technology can safely and effectively send power through skin and body tissue to implanted medical devices, allowing for long-lived implants to provide lasting pain relief and other health benefits.

Nikola Labs' technology can also enhance health care by improving hospital operations. Completely wireless sensors and medical devices can monitor patients, room conditions and much more, ensuring the highest level of care and the best health outcomes.


Nikola Labs' radio frequency to direct current (RF-to-DC) wireless power is the solution, providing consistent power, enabling long-lived implants to improve quality of life.

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