Nikola Labs Named in JLL Scaling Columbus Startup Spotlight

Will Zell, the Co-Founder and CEO, of this disruptive wireless power company shares mission, professional journey, and some insights into his thoughts on Columbus from the mind of a startup founder. Will and the Nikola Labs team have a “Dream Big, Do Big” motto, and their belief is that wireless power, along with ubiquitous internet, will define what it means to live and work in the 21st century. They are well on their way to making this dream a reality. 

Nikola Labs among Ohio's 50 most-promising startups - VentureOhio

VentureOhio, which aims to improve access to capital and foster collaboration in the startup community, published The Watchlist to highlight the 50 preseed to growth-stage companies "most primed for success in 2018 and beyond.”

Nikola Labs Is Ushering In Electricity’s Next Great Act – The Practical Transmission Of Power Without Wires

Nikola Labs is a wireless power company with an advantaged far-field technology that converts radio frequency (RF) energy into usable direct current (DC) power. We are a devoted and capable team that includes world-renowned…

Nikola Labs and the Race for Wireless IoT Power

Nikola Tesla predicted wireless power transmission back in the 1920s. We’re not there yet, but we are getting closer. Later this month, a company named after Tesla, Nikola Labs, will demonstrate IoT sensors using wireless power to monitor multiple factory machines for preventative maintenance.

Nikola Labs: Bringing Wireless Power to Commercial Reality

The 21st century is witnessing rapid advancements in the IoT space with the advent of wireless power technology. In a world where thousands of sensors surround us every day, a new method to power devices is critical for the Internet of Things to fulfill its potential.

Wireless predictive maintenance system is ‘world’s first’

A US company that specialises in wireless power transmission claims to have developed the world’s first wirelessly powered, predictive maintenance sensor technology. Nikola Labs’ PfM system captures vibration and temperature readings remotely…

Predictive Maintenance Can Bolster IoT for Smart Cities

In business, much of what we do comes down to dollars and cents, and rightly so as we fulfill our duty to employers and shareholders. Whether we earn more or save more, financial success impacts many aspects of our professional and personal lives...

Nikola Labs raises another $2M, lands IOT customers for its wireless power components

A startup making wireless power components for the internet of things has raised an additional $2 million and hired the technology's inventor part-time from Ohio State University. Nikola Labs Inc. has raised a combined $4 million – $2.7 million of it this year – since 2015.

Nikola Labs Wireless Power for IOT (Page 30)

It was in the year 1905, Nikola Tesla, famously stated, "The economic transmission of power without wires is of all-surpassing importance to man." Coming to modern day, these words from the esteemed electricity pioneer hold an inevitable importance in how wireless power technologies work...

Nikola Labs lands investment toward bringing wireless power to the IOT

Nikola Labs Inc. has closed a $700,000 round from a European investor group, as it works with electronics makers to design components delivering wireless power to the small devices making up “smart homes” and other applications of the “internet of things.”