PfM Sensor System
Maintenance-Free  |  Data + Power

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Break/Fix and Run-to-Failure No Longer Works. | There’s a Better Way.

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Your Equipment is Trying to Tell You Something. | Now You Can Listen.

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Predictive Maintenance Helps Minimize Facility and Equipment Downtime.

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No Batteries Required. Wirelessly Powered, Maintenance-Free Sensor Network.

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Nikola Labs Transponder

Installed per machine sensor network. Communicates and charges
receiving sensors

Nikola Labs Predictive Sensor

Wirelessly-powered, maintenance-free sensor monitoring temperature and vibration. Never change batteries!


How a Nikola Solution is Created.

Ready to get started? Here are the next steps: 

  1. Nikola Solutions Engineers visit your facility to evaluate needs and gather required information.

  2. We develop and present a custom predictive maintenance solution for your facility.

  3. Once the solution is approved, we create a production timeline and schedule implementation based on your facility’s availability.


To schedule an online demo contact:


Brian Pitzer  |  614.738.2522