Nikola Labs Featured at Energy Harvesting & Storage Expo

COLUMBUS, Ohio, November 23, 2015

Last week, Nikola Labs was featured at IDTechEx’s Energy Harvesting & Storage Expo in Santa Clara. Nikola Labs was invited to participate in the Launchpad, which spotlights promising early stage companies.

Nikola Labs is creating innovative solutions in wireless power with the mission of powering the next generation of connected devices. Their first product is a radio frequency (RF) self- harvesting system for smartphones. Embedded in a protective case, this Nikola technology captures wasted RF from the phone and converts it into extra battery life, extending life between charges by up to 30%. This technology can integrate into many devices that transmit RF providing the value of extra battery life through RF recycling. Their second product is a wireless charging solution designed to fully re-charge devices in the same time as a power cord.

An interview with CEO Will Zell can be found at LINK

About Nikola Labs
Founded in October 2014, Nikola Labs is a partnership of The Ohio State University, Ikove Venture Partners, and Ohio State professors. Nikola Labs specializes in wireless power solutions and radio frequency (RF) energy harvesting for mobile devices. The company's energy harvesting system converts ambient RF signals – such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and LTE — into usable DC power suitable for sensors and devices.

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