CEO Will Zell Presents at Wearable Tech Conference

COLUMBUS, Ohio, July 12, 2015

Nikola Labs CEO, Will Zell, delivered a rousing speech at WT | Wearables Technology Conference 2015 USA held at Fort Mason Center in San Francisco. Will’s talk focused on creating innovative solutions in wireless power with the mission of powering the next generation of connected devices.

There are a lot of cases on the market that offer the consumer’s phone a longer battery life. Nikola’s first product is different because it extends battery life through radio frequency (RF) self-harvesting. Imbedded in a protective case, this technology captures wasted RF from the phone and converts it into extra battery life, extending life between charges by up to 30%. This technology can integrate into many devices that transmit RF providing the value of extra battery life through RF recycling.

The 16th WT | Wearable Technologies Conference 2015 USA was held in San Francisco’s Fort Mason Center on July 9 and 10. The conference showcased the entire Wearable Technologies ecosystem, with more than 500 attendees. This includes chip vendors, integrators, distributed networks; as well as network, product, and service solutions providers. The two days were filled with imagination, innovation, and important insight into the future development of the wearable tech industry. 

About Nikola Labs
Founded in October 2014, Nikola Labs is a partnership of The Ohio State University, Ikove Venture Partners, and Ohio State professors. Nikola Labs specializes in wireless power solutions and radio frequency (RF) energy harvesting for mobile devices. The company's energy harvesting system converts ambient RF signals – such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and LTE — into usable DC power suitable for sensors and devices.

About WT | Wearable Technologies
WT | Wearable Technologies is the pioneer and worldwide leading innovation and market development platform for technologies worn close to the body, on the body or even in the body.