PfM Sensor System
Maintenance-Free  |  Data + Power

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Break/Fix and Run-to-Failure No Longer Works. | There’s a Better Way.

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Your Equipment is Trying to Tell You Something. | Now You Can Listen.

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Predictive Maintenance Helps Minimize Facility and Equipment Downtime.

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No Batteries Required. Wirelessly Powered, Maintenance-Free Sensor Network.

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Nikola Labs Transponder

Installed per machine sensor network. Communicates and charges
receiving sensors

Nikola Labs Predictive Sensor

Wirelessly-powered, maintenance-free sensor monitoring temperature and vibration. Never change batteries!


How a Nikola Solution is Created.

Ready to get started? Here are the next steps: 

  1. Nikola Solutions Engineers visit your facility to evaluate needs and gather required information.

  2. We develop and present a custom predictive maintenance solution for your facility.

  3. Once the solution is approved, we create a production timeline and schedule implementation based on your facility’s availability.


To schedule an online demo contact:


Brian Pitzer  |  614.738.2522


Improving the IIoT Experience

Industrial IoT (IIoT), also known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution and Industrie 4.0, holds great promise to improve manufacturing processes, reduce maintenance cost and increase productivity. The vital ingredient to unlock these benefits is data collected by an array of sensors monitoring the health of productive assets. In order to proliferate, these sensors must be low cost and easy to install. Wireless communications makes this possible, but can add the burden of needing to change batteries.

Today, Nikola Labs is applying its wireless power expertise to solve real-world problems. Our solutions combine compliant transmitters, highly effective antennas, integrated communications, efficient circuitry and compatible storage elements into efficient systems that provide the power edge devices need to monitor key parameters and communicate vital data to the cloud. Ultimately, by eliminating wired connections and the need to change batteries, Nikola Labs offers an improved experience for IoT users, installers and maintainers.


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Introducing the PfM System a breakthrough product for manufactures to help reduce unplanned downtime.


Nikola Labs’ far-field, radio frequency to direct current (RF-to-DC) wireless power is the solution, providing consistent power, enabling long-lived sensors to provide rich streams of data.

Nikola Labs Industry

Learn more about Nikola Labs technology and how it can enhance your product offering by contacting:

Brian Pitzer

BRIAN PITZER  |  614.738.2522