Big Data Needs Little Data

The success of smart cities hinges on acquiring, analyzing and acting on large amounts of data collected across often sprawling urban areas. While big data gets most of the attention, it is simply an aggregation of data points from strategically placed sensors. In short, big data is only valuable with reliable little data from individual sensors. Today, such sensors are powered by batteries or mains power and require frequent maintenance or retrofitting and infrastructure disruption. Nikola Labs' energy harvesting technology offers a better solution that can greatly reduce the cost and complexity of implementing smart city networks.

Our smart city concept harnesses existing utility and communication equipment to power sensor nodes and networks. Harvesting energy from radio and TV broadcasts, cellular networks and magnetic fields from electrical distribution infrastructure, can provide the power needed for critical, long range sensors.


Nikola Labs' technology has the potential to effortlessly converts ambient radio, TV, and cellular broadcasts as well as electrically induced magnetic fields into DC power.


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