Making the Smart Home Smarter

Mankind has long desired a home that thinks and acts to keep its occupants safe, warm and well cared for, and now the Internet of things (IoT) is making this dream a tantalizing reality. However, today IoT has a power problem. Finite battery capacity limits device life and constrains performance. Wireless power is the answer, enabling perpetually powered networks that allow IoT to fulfill its potential and help us to live smarter, healthier and more efficient lives.

Nikola Labs' wireless power technology allows for the proliferation of embedded sensors that never need to be maintained. So, smart homes of the future will be highly functional and aware, as well as aesthetically pleasing.


Nikola Labs’ far-field, radio frequency to direct current (RF-to-DC) wireless power is the solution, providing consistent power, enabling long-lived sensors to provide rich streams of data.


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