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Actionable Data | Easy to Install | Maintenance Free

Your Equipment is Trying to Tell You Something Now You Can Listen

The VERO system monitors temperature and vibration at key points on process-critical equipment so maintenance and reliability managers can easily monitor equipment health acting when necessary to reduce downtime.

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Beams RF energy to the sensors to power them and securely transfers data to the cloud 

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Tri-axial vibration and temperature sensors monitor your equipment by harvesting RF energy from the transponder, converting it to electricity so there’s never a need to replace the batteries. 

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Delivers actionable data customized to your specifications and tailored alerts via SMS, email or phone 


The VERO Difference

  • No batteries to replace

  • Easy professional installation

  • Customized scorecard and analytics 

  • Lifetime warranty and automatic upgrades 

  • Regular analysis by our vibration experts 

  • Subscription pricing = no CapEx 

How a Solution is Created.

Ready to get started? Here are the next steps: 

  1. Our Solution Architects visit your site and evaluate your needs 

  2. We’ll design a custom VERO solution for your equipment and facility 

  3. Once approved we’ll plan and schedule installation 

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